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Another wild winter: A closer look at grid alerts

Mar 5, 2024 - As Alberta hit record-setting low temperatures this winter, many customers had questions about Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) grid alerts and what their impacts might be. Grid alerts are just one of the tools that the AESO uses to ensure Alberta’s power supply remains stable throughout the year, in all kinds of weather conditions. [...]

Hard at work, whatever the weather: The role our Forestry team plays in keeping your lights on

Mar 5, 2024 - Our Forestry department plays a crucial role in maintaining 129,000 kilometres of power line throughout the year. In warmer months, brushing, mulching and line patrols ensure we uphold the high standard of reliable service you’ve come to ex [...]

Wildfire Mitigation Wildfire mitigation, prevention and our dedication to safety

May 3, 2022 - No matter where you reside in Alberta, at some point over the past few summers it is likely that smoke from wildfires burning in nearby provinces and states was a noticeable part of your day. [...]

Adam Demchuk Adam Demchuk receives CEA Lifesaving award

Jan 5, 2022 - On Dec. 6, 2021, FortisAlberta hosted an intimate event at its Calgary head office to recognize Adam Demchuk, Field Metering and Equipment Technologist as a recipient of a 2021 Lifesaving Award from the Canadian Electrical Association (CEA) [...]

bucket truck tree Landscaping Safety – Part 3: Trees that Please without Shocking Unease

May 13, 2021 - Spring is here and for many Albertans that means it’s time to maintain and beautify your yards. If your landscaping plans include planting or trimming trees, FortisAlberta wants to ensure you do so safely. [...]

farm-safety-2018 Farmers Reminded About Power Line Safety This Spring

May 7, 2021 - Last year, FortisAlberta farmers recorded 14 power line contacts with air seeders and sprayers and so far in 2021, there have been four contacts involving air seeders. [...]

shovel-in-the-ground Landscaping Safety – Part 1: Primping your property without blocking the box

Mar 31, 2021 - If your landscaping plans include concealing electrical equipment such as utility boxes, meters, power poles or even power lines, FortisAlberta wants to ensure you do so safely. [...]

Fortis-Alberta-presentation-1000-x-750 FortisAlberta extends its safety culture to protect Albertans

Oct 14, 2020 - From the life-saving machines in hospital rooms to the sudden surge of people learning and working from home, the stakes have never been higher for keeping the power on. [...]

farm-safety-2018 Before you wing up - measure up

May 14, 2020 - Did you know that in 2019, FortisAlberta recorded nine contacts with air seeders and sprayers with overhead powerlines? This spring, we have already recorded three. There were also 38 contacts made by other farm equipment such as tractors a [...]

rural-crime FortisAlberta lends more eyes and ears to rural Alberta

Sep 23, 2019 - Each year, FortisAlberta employees drive more than 16 million kilometres throughout our service territory, and that’s just for business-related travel. Many of us also live or spend our leisure time outside of the big cities. Needless to sa [...]

lifesaver2018 Two PLTs receive CEA Lifesaver awards

Dec 10, 2018 - On Nov. 7, 2018, two of our Power Line Technicians Dion and Chris received Lifesaving Awards from the Canadian Electrical Association (CEA) at their annual Awards Reception in Ottawa. In a letter to our President and CEO Mike Mosher, CEA P [...]

farm-safety-2018 Before you wing up, measure up

Feb 28, 2018 - Did you know that in 2017, FortisAlberta recorded 7 contacts with air seeders and sprayers with overhead powerlines? There were also 15 contacts made by tractors and 11 with grain augers. This is a ‘growing’ concern given that the height of [...]

safety-performance FortisAlberta recognized as top safety performer amongst Fortis group of companies

Apr 12, 2017 - Cam Aplin, Vice President, Operations, attended a semi-annual Fortis Operating Group (FOG) meeting where FortisAlberta was formally recognized as the Top Safety Performer in 2016 amongst the Fortis group of companies. In its first year, th [...]

busaccident2016 FortisAlberta employee rescues school bus passengers near Stony Plain

Dec 9, 2016 - At approximately 6:45 a.m., Friday, Dec. 9, a FortisAlberta employee happened upon an accident scene near Stony Plain involving a school bus and a power pole. The pole was broken at the base and rested on the school bus. Understanding the s [...]

mock accident FortisAlberta brings P.A.R.T.Y. Program to high school students

May 17, 2016 - Working with community partners in the Town of High River, FortisAlberta brought the Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth (P.A.R.T.Y.) Program to grade nine students from Highwood High School and Notre Dame Collegiate. The goal [...]

RMH-group Our Rocky Mountain House office celebrates a safety milestone

Sep 15, 2015 - On Thursday, Sept. 3, employees and family members gathered at the Rocky Mountain House office to celebrate 15 years without a preventable lost-time incident (LTI) and medical-aid injury. “Some people think that getting to zero preventabl [...]

SB__4909 We're reminding farmers about power line safety this fall

Sep 10, 2015 - Fall is a busy time on Alberta’s farm. It’s time to harvest crops, move bins and many other high loads or pieces of equipment. FortisAlberta is asking farmers to remember to work safely around power lines. In 2014, 14 power line contacts in [...]

lightning-season-2015 It's lightning season, be safe!

Jun 11, 2015 - Lightning season has begun, and will run its course until September. In 2014, we recorded more than 210,000 strikes for 55 of our major service points. As, your electric distribution provider, we have more than 120,000 kilometres of mostly [...]

Think Before You Dig

Think Before You Dig

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