Moving High Loads

Moving high loads that exceed the height of powerlines requires meticulous planning and coordination. Specialized equipment is often needed to ensure safe transportation. In some cases, temporary powerline adjustments or route modifications might be necessary to accommodate the height of the load. This is why coordinating with FortisAlberta and obtaining necessary permits are crucial steps to prevent disruptions and ensure public safety.

High load move request

Different locations within our service area have different height restrictions to avoid coming in contact with our overhead powerlines. If you will be over the allowed heights, this is considered a 'High Load Move' and requires submission to FortisAlberta. Please proceed to find out what the maximum height your equipment can be to pass safely under powerlines. Also, follow the instructions and submit a high load move request online by clicking the button below.


Submit a high load move request

Make sure you can pass safely under power lines

There are height restrictions when travelling within the FortisAlberta service area. You can find further information about Alberta’s High Load Corridor at the Government of Alberta’s website - High Load Corridor | FortisAlberta requires carriers to remain on corridor where possible to facilitate all high load move requests.

If your load is over 4.15 metres, it is over height. Here are the steps to take to coordinate a safe move:

  • Plan your route - Know your roads and your clearance.
  • Apply for a permit - Visit Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation to apply for a permit.
  • Send us your details - Please give us at least seven days' notice to meet your move request.