Procurement and Supply Chain Management within FortisAlberta is made up of several departments. The team is accountable for procuring, optimizing, and maintaining stocked items and services, segmented into various commodities. We engage a wide range of suppliers across multiple categories, sourcing materials and services from both local and global sources. We constantly seek out relationships with suppliers who understand our values and align with our focus on safety, environment and sustainability, while consistently providing us with the best service and value.

This page contains information and resourceful documents for suppliers dealing with FortisAlberta.


Supplier Code of Conduct

This sets out the minimum standards of conduct to which Suppliers and their personnel, representatives, employees, agents, subcontractors, assignees, and affiliated entities must adhere while conducting business with, or on behalf of, FortisAlberta.

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Vendor Invoice Standard

The invoicing standards provides best practices for submitting invoices to ensure prompt payment. It also spells out issues that could delay payment, and outlines email guidelines and payment method.

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