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EV Pilot Project

This project will support our EV-owning customers in the clean energy transition and provide insight into long-term grid optimization in Alberta.

The pilot is currently in phase two.

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We strive to be good neighbours. Learn about the ways we invest in the communities we serve.

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Learn how our environmental initiatives, from wildlife to waste and wildfire management are making your community better.

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Prepare for an Outage

Prepare for an Outage

There’s an app for that: Before an outage happens, download the Emergency Public Warning System mobile app.

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As an electricity distribution utility operating in the Province of Alberta, FortisAlberta is regulated by the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC).

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Streamlining small microgeneration interconnection requests to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency

To be more responsive to the increased volume of interconnection requests, FortisAlberta recently la ...

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