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Hard at work, whatever the weather: The role our Forestry team plays in keeping your lights on

Mar 5, 2024, 16:52 PM

Our Forestry department plays a crucial role in maintaining 129,000 kilometres of power line throughout the year. In warmer months, brushing, mulching and line patrols ensure we uphold the high standard of reliable service you’ve come to expect from us. But forestry work doesn’t stop when the snow flies. Let’s look at the role of our Forestry team when winter hits Alberta.

Wildfire prevention and year-round reliability

With many poles and wires in high-risk wildfire areas, our Forestry team plays a crucial role in wildfire mitigation. We assess equipment and technology to ensure proper functioning year-round. Rest easy knowing that even in the coldest months, we are safeguarding the system that keeps your lights on.

Planning before snowfall

Winter planning begins well before temperatures fall. Throughout the year, we assess and identify areas requiring maintenance that may become more accessible when temperatures drop. For instance, in muskeg zones, we can often get easier access after the ground freezes.

Minimizing customer impact

Crews are equipped with tools for passage over challenging terrain and are specially trained to perform work on energized lines when safely possible. If a brief outage is the safest solution, we schedule these when customers will be least impacted and provide 48-hours notice to those who may be affected.

Protecting migratory birds while performing our work

As the trees shed their leaves, it can be easier for us to locate nesting areas. We take advantage of this to make sure that we minimize the impacts of our forestry work on wildlife. Our commitment extends to scheduling work when migratory birds are away, to protect both them and the integrity of the system.

What you can do: Vegetation management tips

  • Making sure plants and trees are not too close to power lines keeps everyone safe. Be sure to try and maintain at least a six-metre separation between vegetation and power lines located on your property.

  • For your safety, if you need to turn off the power to do some work on trees near lines on your property, please call 310-WIRE (9473).

  • If you want to plant a new tree or shrub, it’s a good idea to check for tips on how you can do this safely. To locate the power lines on your property, make a request at

Think Before You Dig

Think Before You Dig

Whether you’re gardening, planting a tree or putting up a fence, you can avoid a serious electrical incident by submitting a locate request.

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