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FortisAlberta lends more eyes and ears to rural Alberta

Sep 23, 2019, 16:48 PM

Each year, FortisAlberta employees drive more than 16 million kilometres throughout our service territory, and that’s just for business-related travel. Many of us also live or spend our leisure time outside of the big cities. Needless to say, we’re quite familiar with rural Alberta and have a good idea when something may seem out of place in our communities. 

That’s why our new partnership with Alberta Provincial Rural Crime Watch Association (APRCWA) makes so much sense.
“The RCMP can’t be everywhere all the time, but we can help them by keeping an eye out for and reporting suspicious activities,” says Gary Mogg, Field Service Representative in Airdrie, who has been working closely with APRCWA over the past two years to integrate FortisAlberta as an official partner.

“Crime is least likely to occur when people are looking out for each other,” says Rosemary Lindsay, Zone 1 Director, APRCWA. “For FortisAlberta, it’s more of a passive crime watch: employees are out there anyway and know when something’s not right. When you come across a suspicious activity, simply contact your local RCMP detachment to report it. No call is too small – every piece of info helps solve crimes.”

“Crime in rural Alberta has been on the rise and these are the communities that we live and work in,” says Cam Aplin, Vice President, Operations. “Our employees are out in these areas daily and we can lend a hand by reporting anything suspicious which will help keep our friends, neighbours and customers safe.”

To report a potential crime or unusual activity, call the 24-hour non-emergency number for your local RCMP detachment.

Airdrie RCMP Sergeant Brent Keibel stresses that, as guardians, we are only to observe, record and report: “Do not approach anyone you may have suspicions about, especially in an aggressive way. Even if you believe it’s warranted, you may end up being held liable if you hurt someone, no matter how guilty they may be.”

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