During an Outage

If the lights or electrical equipment go off, first try to determine the cause. Is it an outage in your area, or a problem with your own breaker?

If you're without power

Report Outage

You can report an outage online, by phone at 310-WIRE (9473) or 1-866-717-3113, or on our mobile app.

Report outage online

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Outage Alerts


When there's a power outage, we know how important it is for you to have the most current information as possible. Power outage alerts will inform you:

  • when the power goes out
  • why the power is out
  • if there is updated restoration information
  • when the power is back on
  • Register for an account for email and text alerts.

    Sign up for power outage alerts

    Check your breaker

    If it’s not an outage in your area, you’ll need to check your breaker and make sure you:

    • unplug or turn off all appliances to protect them in the event of a surge, and for your own safety;
    • leave one light on so you’ll know when electricity is restored; and
    • check to see if any of the switches on your breaker have tripped to the “off” position. Restoring power may be as simple as flipping any tripped switches to “off” then “on” again.

    IMPORTANT SAFETY PRECAUTION: At no time should you open any part of FortisAlberta equipment to open your breaker. If it seems you need to open something, you’re probably at the transformer. Do not open anything! Locate your meter, that’s where the main breaker will be. 

    If you’re unsure about the location of your meter, you can call 310-WIRE (9473) for help.

    Not sure where your main breaker is?

    House breaker
    Pole breaker
    Pedestal breaker

    What to do when there’s no electricity



    Is there too much equipment using one circuit?
    Have you recently added equipment or had work performed on your electrical system?
    Is an appliance causing the problem?
    Is the outlet in use near water?
    Is there static on your cordless phone, radio or television when another appliance is running?


    Prepare for an Outage

    Prepare for an Outage

    There’s an app for that: Before an outage happens, download the Emergency Public Warning System mobile app.

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