Technical Training

FortisAlberta has been training its Power Line Technicians (PLTs) for more than 40 years. Our state-of-the-art Employee Development Centre (EDC) provides both a classroom and hands-on approach to learning. Through the EDC, we deliver more than 40,000 hours of safety and technical skills training to more than 500 employees each year as well as offer several courses and development programs to power line contractor companies, municipal utilities, industrial customers, independent power producers and Fortis affiliate companies. Our facility is centrally located in Red Deer, Alberta and is easily accessible for companies across the province.


Facility Rental

Rental of training facilities is also available.

  • Classrooms/meeting rooms (includes A/V systems)
  • 25kV distribution training system
  • Catering of lunches at the EDC to support facilitation of meetings/training 

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Course List

  • Basic Pole Climbing
  • Electrical System Overview
  • Equipotential Bonding & Grounding (EB&G) Theory
    • EB&G Practical for Overhead
    • EB&G Practical for Underground
  • High Voltage Awareness
  • Line Apparatus Operation
  • Live Line - Hotsticks
  • Live Line - Rubber Gloves
  • Metering
  • PLT Apprenticeship (Fortis affiliates only)
  • Rescue - Aerial (Pole-Top & Self Bucket)
  • Rescue – Self Bucket
  • Rescue – Pole Top
  • Substation Basic Safety
  • Substation Orientation
  • Substation Switching
  • Switching – Overhead Distribution
  • Switching – Underground Distribution
  • Underground Cable Splicing
    and Terminating

Staying Safe in the Workplace

Operating heavy machinery around power lines can lead to serious injuries. We provide training to help you stay safe.

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