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Another wild winter: A closer look at grid alerts

Mar 5, 2024 - As Alberta hit record-setting low temperatures this winter, many customers had questions about Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) grid alerts and what their impacts might be. Grid alerts are just one of the tools that the AESO uses to ensure Alberta’s power supply remains stable throughout the year, in all kinds of weather conditions. [...]

Hard at work, whatever the weather: The role our Forestry team plays in keeping your lights on

Mar 5, 2024 - Our Forestry department plays a crucial role in maintaining 129,000 kilometres of power line throughout the year. In warmer months, brushing, mulching and line patrols ensure we uphold the high standard of reliable service you’ve come to ex [...]

Think Before You Dig

Think Before You Dig

Whether you’re gardening, planting a tree or putting up a fence, you can avoid a serious electrical incident by submitting a locate request.

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