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Pole Testing in your Neighbourhood

Sep 7, 2022, 13:45 PM

So you notice an individual pounding a utility pole in your neighbourhood with a hammer. Now it looks like they’re digging it up and drilling holes into it! Any cause for concern?  No – more than likely it’s all part of FortisAlberta’s maintenance program.

Our wood poles are built and treated to last decades, but factors such as climate, location, wildlife and human interference can occasionally impact their safety, integrity and reliability. That’s why we regularly inspect each and every one of our more than one million poles, and take steps to extend their life or, if and when required, replace them with a new pole.

With the size of FortisAlberta’s service area and number of poles within it, we enlist the help of contractors to perform these pole tests. While you may not see the white FortisAlberta trucks you’re used to seeing in your neighbourhood, our contractors will all have identification indicating they are performing this work on behalf of FortisAlberta.

What do these pole tests look like exactly? Check it out in the brief video below.

If you still have concerns about the activity in your area, please contact 310-WIRE (9473) and one of our friendly Customer Care Representatives will be happy to help you out.

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