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Spring and summer storm safety tips

Apr 4, 2019, 14:39 PM

In Alberta, thunderstorm season begins in May and lasts until mid-October. If a thunderstorm is imminent, there are several precautions you can take to protect you and your property:

  • If you know a storm is coming, it's best to unplug electronics and stay indoors away from anything that conducts electricity
  • Seek shelter in low-lying areas but look out for flooding
  • Stay away from bodies of water including pools and puddles
  • You're safe in a car, but don't park under trees or power lines
  • Stay away from anything metal like fences, tractors or golf carts
  • Disconnect electronics and electrical appliances including radios and television sets
  • Stay away from tall objects and high elevations like trees, hilltops and poles
Power outage tips for storm season:
  • Download our mobile app to view and report outages
  • Sign up for power outage alerts to get updates
  • Use surge protectors for valuable electronics
  • Know the location of your main breaker so you can restore power if the problem is your breaker
  • Have an Emergency Kit on hand
  • Switch your mobile phone to battery saving mode and have a portable power bank
  • Register for Alberta Emergency Alerts
  • Know how to manually open or close your garage door or bypass your garage door opener
  • Consider installing a generator to provide power for must-run operations, especially on a farm
  • If you see a downed power line, stay 10 metres safe and call 310-WIRE (9473)

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Think Before You Dig

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