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FortisAlberta tests poles to ensure reliability

Jun 12, 2017, 16:23 PM

FortisAlberta is currently conducting pole testing throughout its service territory to ensure reliability for its customers.

Maintaining electrical distribution poles and wires in a safe and reliable manner is one of the most important activities FortisAlberta undertakes. It ensures the facilities that transport the electricity to our customers is in good order and that they will continue to deliver reliable service.

“Every year we test and maintain the poles on 1/7th of the distribution system, which is approximately 150,000 poles,” says Scott Williams, Manager, Asset Management. “It is a large undertaking, but we know how valuable those assets are and want to ensure the longevity and the continued safe and reliable operation of the system for our customers.”

Dry conditions in much of FortisAlberta’s service territory contribute to the extended life expectancy of these poles. Poles identified as unsafe are replaced as required. The normal life expectancy of a wooden pole is about 60 years; testing of poles older than 15 years is carried out on a seven-year cycle.

FortisAlberta has contracted out pole testing work in its service territory. Contracted crews can generally be identified by a FortisAlberta logo on their vehicle. Crews will make its way around the province to complete testing for all required poles.

Customers can call FortisAlberta at 310-WIRE (9473) with any questions they may have. 

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