Avian Protection Plan

Alberta's birds fly high

The Avian Protection Plan is a utility-specific plan to manage and protect migratory birds and raptors while keeping your lights on, safely. When birds travel, or seek out power lines for perching, feeding, hunting, or even nesting, they can come into contact with energized wires or equipment, risking electrocution. These events not only harm the birds, they increase the risk of electrical outages and fires.

To reduce interference with birds’ activities, habitats and safety, the Avian Protection Plan provides things like nesting platforms, reduced work near nests during sensitive breeding seasons, redesigned power poles, and support for our partners in education and conservation.

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Partners in conservation

We recognize that bird species and habitats may be adversely affected by thousands of kilometres of power lines across Alberta. Our long-term partnership with the Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation has assisted in the development of a formal program focused on the conservation and protection of birds.

The Alberta Birds of Prey Centre near Coaldale does outstanding work to rehabilitate birds. Once you pass through the back door of our visitors centre, the birds of prey adventure begins with their hawk walk, funded by us. Throughout the site and along the pathways you will see a number of birds of prey sitting on their perches only feet away from visitors. Imagine being able to observe and photograph a majestic Bald Eagle only a few short away!

There, you can also learn more about our efforts to protect Alberta’s birds. A non-energized power line demonstrates our bird protection equipment that supports bird safety and enhances electrical reliability for you.

Up close and personal

Our popular Osprey webcam in Exshaw provide views of the magnificent birds and their nesting habits for you, our customers and other bird-watchers around the world. The insights we gain by observing the Ospreys help us make the most of our Avian Protection Plan. The Osprey webcam is available during nesting season.

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Power Outage Tips

Power Outage Tips

When the lights go off, check your fuse and breaker first, then check with your neighbours.

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