Before You Begin

If you've worked with us before on a distributed generation project, you can go straight to the application to begin the interconnection process.

We offer a pre-application consultation to provide you with information on the interconnection process and to help you scope the feasibility of your project for the selected location(s) before you submit an application. You will need to know your project location and generator size. If this Phase 1 consultation is not required, please proceed to the application in Phase 2.

When you are ready to begin the interconnection process, you will need to complete an application so we can study the system capacity and estimate the cost of your generator connection. There are some pieces of information and additional forms you'll need to provide with your application, so please review this list and make sure you have them all:

  • Type of generator (inverter, synchronous, induction)
  • Estimated amount of power generated onto the system
  • Legal land description (add GPS coordinates)
  • Third party authorization
  • Electrician or consultant contact information
  • Site plan diagram

Once you are ready, complete and submit the Distributed Generation Service Application. For more information or to submit an application, please email or call 310-WIRE.

After we receive your completed application, you'll move into Phase 2. You can review what happens in each phase below.

Large generators that cannot be supported by the distribution system are required to submit an application to FortisAlberta for a Section 101(2) exemption as per the Electric Utilities Act. Once you submit your completed application, we will respond within 30 days.

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Phase 1

Pre-Application Consultation

In this phase, a consultation is available to help you understand the overall interconnection process, scope your project feasibility based on location, and consider queue dependencies for your project.

Our consultation fees start at $500 to review up to five project locations. A fee of $250 will be added for each additional location. You can submit a Pre-Application Request to us to get started.

Estimated: One Week

Phase 2

Application and High Level Study (HLS)

In this phase, a distribution High Level Study will determine the feasibility of connecting your generator, the connection requirements, and a ballpark cost. As of October 1, 2018, the Transmission Facility Operator (TFO) will also provide a high level transmission study to provide you with the estimated cost of any transmission work that is required. Our assigned Key Account Manager will coordinate this application with the TFO on your behalf.

Estimated: Four Weeks

What You'll Do:

  • Download and submit an application for a distributed generation High Level Study to
  • Indicate if you wish to proceed with a transmission High Level Study. The technical information provided will be used for the study.
  • Make sure you've submitted all supporting documents with your application
  • Pay the High Level Study fee of $4,000 (+ GST) per site to complete the distribution High Level Study. The transmission High Level Study fee is $3,000 (+ GST) per site.

What We'll Do:

  • Review your submission, and assign a request number to your project
  • Send you an invoice for the High Level Study fee(s)
  • Create a detailed design for the generator connection
  • Complete the High Level Study and send you the results
  • Our assigned Key Account Manager will complete the transmission High Level Study application and work with the Transmission Facility Operator (TFO) to provide you with the results

NOTE: Any invoices during the interconnection process that are not paid within 30 calendar days will result in a cancelled project. Scope change (location, increase in generator capacity, generator type or change in feeder) can remove a project from the queue and start a new project. Read more about our queue management practices.

Phase 3

Detailed Distribution Study

In this phase, there are three stages that help determine the engineering and construction requirements to connect your generator to the distribution system and determine the cost of any required distribution upgrades. Click on each stage to learn more.

Stage 1: Detailed Distribution Study

This is an important step to verify the system capacity based on your additional technical information and provide a review of your protection impact study. At this stage we also begin to plan for commissioning requirements with the transmission facilities operator.

Estimated: 4 - 8 Weeks

What You'll Do:

  • Review the High Level Study results and ask any clarification questions
  • Sign and return the High Level Study acceptance letter for the location and/or option specified within 30 calendar days (or the project is cancelled and removed from the queue)
  • Ask your Key Account Manager to initiate the Detailed Distribution Study
  • Pay the Detailed Study fee of $10,000 (+ GST) for projects without Supply Transmission Service (STS) and $20,000 (+ GST) when there is an AESO Behind the Fence (BTF) project involved
  • Attend a meeting with us to review the entire project
  • Prepare a Protection Impact Study for us
  • Provide us with the additional technical information as described in tab 2 of the Distributed Generation Service Application

What We'll Do:

  • Send you the High Level Study proposal for review (valid for 30 calendar days)
  • Send you an invoice for the Detailed Study fee
  • Advance the project to the Detailed Study Stage upon full payment of all required Detailed Study costs and receipt of additional technical information
  • Carry out the Detailed Study
  • Complete the Detailed Distribution Study and review the Protection Impact Study
  • Schedule a site check to verify distribution upgrades on the site with you
  • Collaborate with you to scope the project and review options

NOTE: If payment and additional technical information is not received by the invoice due date, the project will be removed from the queue.

Stage 2: Plan and Design

Connecting distributed generation projects safely and efficiently takes planning. In this phase, we lay the groundwork for the construction of your electrical infrastructure.

Estimated: Four Weeks

What You'll Do:

  • Meet us on-site to confirm requirements, if necessary
  • Send us any outstanding information that will help us complete our design

What We'll Do:

  • Assign a designer to your project
  • Review the project scope on-site, if necessary
  • Create a detailed design for the generator connection

Stage 3: Complete Distribution Detailed Study

As of October 1, 2018, we will provide the Detailed Distribution Study results prior to the completion of the Transmission Interconnection Study. This will provide you with cost and scope information earlier in the interconnection process to help you re-scope or make critical go or no-go decisions about your project.

Estimated: Four Weeks

What You'll Do:

  • Schedule a time for us to review your project and service requirements, if necessary
  • Review the distribution work scope and cost estimate and determine whether you wish to re-scope your project or carry on with the transmission study. We ask that this decision point be completed within 30 calendar days (or the project will be cancelled and removed from the queue).

What We'll Do:

  • Meet you on-site, if necessary
  • Put together an estimate and prepare a quotation package
  • Wait for the transmission cost estimate, if necessary
  • Collaborate with you on your project scope and next steps

NOTE: If there is a transmission component of the project, the transmission cost will be provided to you in phase 4.

Phase 4

Transmission System Interconnection Study

In this phase, the engineering and construction requirements of connecting your generator to the transmission system and cost are determined.

Estimated: 32 - 36 Weeks

What You'll Do:

  • Pay the Transmission Study fee. The cost varies based on project location and scope and starts at $30,000 (+ GST) for a typical project and is determined by Transmission Facility Owner (TFo).
  • Attend Transmission Study meetings with us
  • Answer questions and provide detailed information for your project as required
  • Begin Transmission Facility Owner Study and Protection and Power Flow studies as required

What We'll Do:

  • Support Transmission Facility Owner Study and Protection and Power Flow studies as required
  • Attend Transmission Study meetings
  • Receive the Quotation and Proposal from the TFO
  • Apply to the AESO to start a Behind the Fence (BTF) application for your generator, if necessary

Phase 5

Interconnection Proposal

In this phase, there are two steps for the distribution and transmission quotation package, pre-construction steps, and the Interconnection Agreement and Operating Procedures to move toward construction and energization of your generation project. Click on each stage to learn more.

Stage 1: Complete Transmission Study

Estimated: Four weeks

What You'll Do:

  • Receive an interconnection proposal with the quotation letter package
  • Send the signed quote letter with payment and approval to proceed. We ask that you respond within 30 calendar days (or the project will be cancelled, and removed from the queue).

What We'll Do:

  • Coordinate with the Transmission Facility Operator (TFO) on the transmission cost estimate
  • Prepare a quotation letter package that includes the distribution and transmission scope and cost estimates
  • Send invoices for the full Distribution and Transmission costs required to advance the project (the available capacity is secured for a further 30 calendar days from the date of invoice)

Stage 2: Pre-Construction

Estimated: One Week

What You'll Do:

  • Return the signed Electrical Service Agreement to us
  • Gather information from the pre-energization checklist, found in your quotation package

What We'll Do:

  • Process your acceptance documentation
  • Provide the Electrical Service Agreement and begin working on the Interconnection Agreement and Operating Procedures
  • Start pre-energization activities
  • Begin work on Construction Stage
  • Send request to Transmission Facility Owner (TFO) to begin their Construction Stage
  • Continue through the AESO Behind the Fence (BTF) process

Phase 6

Construct and Energize

In this phase, there are two steps for construction, energization, and commissioning. Click on each stage to learn more.

Stage 1: Construct and Energize

This stage includes all the work that must be completed on-site by us, and by you.

Estimated: Up to 52 Weeks

What You'll Do:

  • Complete any necessary on-site work such as backfilling or trenching
  • Make sure your facilities are installed and ready for connection
  • Grant our crews access to your site

What We'll Do:

  • Visit the site and evaluate its readiness
  • Contact Alberta One-Call to make sure digging locations are marked
  • Schedule our crew
  • Complete construction

Stage 2: Energize and Commission

This is the stage where we confirm your generator has been installed, will be operated safely and won't affect other customers connected to the system. We will sign an Interconnection Agreement with you, and issue permission to connect the generator.

Estimated: One Week

What You'll Do:

  • Ensure all information required in the pre-energization checklist has been provided
  • Provide the Electrical Permit
  • Provide metering certification within seven days of energization
  • Ensure your facility construction is complete
  • If you have a load service, call your billing company to enrol your site
  • Onced enrolled, call your billing company to turn your power on
  • Review and sign the Interconnection Agreement and Operating Procedures

What We'll Do:

  • Send you your generator Site ID
  • Work with you to make sure everything in the pre-energization checklist is complete
  • Finalize the Interconnection Agreement and Operating Procedures and send to you to sign
  • Issue permission to connect the generator