The Farm Service Rate (22) is applied to power services that are located on rural lands, which includes a residence and on which agricultural activities are conducted:

  • located in a rural area; a rural area is outside of the urban municipal boundaries as defined in FortisAlberta’s mapping system
  • is directly connected to FortisAlberta’s distribution system; and
  • is located on a parcel of land which contains a residence and on which agricultural activities are conducted.

A property that is leased that has revenue associated with agricultural activities may be still considered to be a farm service. The size of the property is not a determining factor.

A customer that is constructing other buildings on the property prior to the building of a residence may not be eligible for a farm rate.

All new farm services applications must include the FortisAlberta’s Land Use Declaration Form at the time of acceptance. 


What is the process and timeline?

Once all required information is gathered and validated, a quotation will be issued for customer acceptance. Some quotations may require a FortisAlberta representative to meet on site prior to quotation. Upon acceptance a FortisAlberta representative will be in contact with you to ensure your power installation needs are met. Once Design, Permits and Approvals are in place we will see the project through to Construction and Energization. 

To serve you the best way possible and to avoid delays with your application, please be advised that FortisAlberta requires Connected Load and Operating Demand Load information when applying for a new service connection or making an adjustment to existing service. To ensure you are prepared, please refer to our 'All About Load' Quick Guide.

FortisAlberta is legally required to comply with provincial privacy legislation. In Alberta, this is the Personal Information and Protection Act (PIPA). To confirm land ownership, FortisAlberta will conduct a land title search, require proof of land ownership or a signed Third Party Authorization prior to processing the quotation acceptance and proceeding for a new service connection or making an adjustment to an existing service.


Can I get an estimate before getting started?

For farm services you can use the FortisAlberta Service Estimator tool. 

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How can I apply?

There are two ways to apply: either online by setting up My Account or over the phone.

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