Local people: Matt, Power Line Technician, Wetaskiwin

Mar 8, 2024, 17:48 PM

Serving more than 240 communities throughout Alberta, there’s a lot of opportunity to get to know our customers. But we also want you to get to know us. That’s why we’re excited to continue our look at those who keep the lights on.

Born and raised in Ponoka, Matt has been with FortisAlberta for two years, working out of our Wetaskiwin office. While he keeps your lights on, Matt’s commitment to the central Alberta communities he grew up around extends beyond the office. He also lends long hours to the Ponoka County Fire Department when he’s not finding time to play a round or two of golf.

Can you provide an example of the work the crew takes on in their day-to-day?

My day to day generally consists of service work and interacting with our customers. If we have any outages, either planned in advance to complete new builds or connections, or as the result of weather or other causes. I'm also involved in emergency restorations as well.

Can you speak to a unique element of the job that people may not think about right away when considering the work of a FortisAlberta Power Line Technician (PLT)?

PLTs are on call many nights and weekends throughout the year. In bad storms or emergency situations, when power is disrupted but then restored to your home, there are very likely lineman working in some pretty unfavourable conditions.

What are some more notable ways that your work impacts or benefits the community?

I have a lot of pride in how we keep the power on for our customers and the area we work. In the small communities, people know you and know what you do. To play that role in their day-to-day is pretty cool.

Can you tell us about your favourite part of the work?

Knowing that my efforts in the middle of the night to restore people's power is so important for our customers. Whether this be getting their lights and heat going or getting power back to barns and waterers to keep animals warm, fed and hydrated. 

What would you consider one of the more challenging parts of the job?

Adverse weather conditions. We work in the worst of the worst that Alberta can throws at us.  

When you’re not at work, what might your community members find you doing? What might you be known for outside of work that might surprise us?

When I'm not at work, you can find me working long hours with the Ponoka County Fire Department or working on the family farm, training dogs and squeezing in a few rounds of golf when time allows.


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