One of our goals is to eliminate preventable injuries through planning, training and education for our employees, customers and the general public. We want to ensure that everyone gets home safely at the end of each day.

It’s a good reminder that no matter what project, the first step is always doing what we can to stay safe. We make safety a part of our conversations, and we’re out in the community having those conversations with you. With our outreach programs, we’ll work together to make sure that everyone gets home safely every day.

If you have general safety questions or concerns, call us at 310-WIRE (9473).

Safety for first responders

When power lines go down, police, ambulance attendants and firefighters are often the first responders on the scene. We train these first responders so they know how to keep themselves and the public safe while doing their jobs.

You can book safety training for first responders by completing the form below, or calling us at 310-WIRE (9473).

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Workplace safety training

Operating machinery like gravel trucks, back hoes, delivery trucks and agricultural equipment near power lines can lead to serious injuries. We’ve prepared a brochure for anyone working near power lines, and we’re also available for on-the-job training at your workplace. To book a power line safety session, fill in the form below, or call us at 310-WIRE (9473).

Download the workplace safety brochure

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Staying Safe in the Workplace

Operating heavy machinery around power lines can lead to serious injuries. We provide training to help you stay safe.

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