Farm Safety

Most electrical incidents happen on farms or ranches; learn how to avoid them.

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Power Line Safety for Farmers

Pile haystacks, graineries and fuel tanks away from power lines


Space Heating Safety

Stay warm and stay safe with these tips for space heaters.

Do not leave children unsupervised


Holiday Safety

Make sure your holidays are happy and safe with these decoration guidelines.

Use only certified lights and electrical decorations

Don't overload your outlets


Home Safety

Follow our checklist for at-home electrical safety tips for you and your family.

Teach kids to play safe


Downed Power Lines

Here's what to do if you come across or have been involved in an incident with a power line, pole or transformer.

What to do in the event of contact with a power line

Power Line Safety

Never contact the ground and your vehicle at the same time

Be Cautious
Assume the vehicle and anything touching it is energized.


Power Line Clearances

Find out what the maximum height your equipment can be to pass safely under power lines.


Moving High Loads

Over-height equipment?
We'll tell you how to move it.

Apply for a permit
Visit Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation at


Click Before You Dig

Know where the lines are in just a few clicks. Submit your line locate request at

Mark all buried electrical equipment on plans


Tree Trimming

Trees and power lines don't mix. Learn how together we can prevent safety hazards. View the tree planting guidelines.

Plant With Care
Plant trees a minimum of eight metres from power lines to accommodate for the tree's full height and wind sway.


Home Generator Safety

Make sure your home generator is properly connected to keep your home and our Power Line Technicians safe.

Do not overload the generator

Plug appliances directly into the generator

Use a battery-operated carbon monoxide detector at home


Wildfire Mitigation

Each year, we look at poles, lines and equipment throughout our service territory to identify any potential deficiencies in our system to ensure public and employee safety, provide appropriate reliability, and prevent high-consequence failures.


Lightning Safety

If you get caught in a lightning storm, here's what to do.

Stay away from tall objects and high elevations like trees, hilltops and poles

You're safe in a car but don't park under trees or power lines

Lightning Safety Tips

How we restore power during lightning storms