Summer Tips

Prepare for Summer with these simple Save Energy Tips! 

Summer is on its way and along with bringing out your t-shirts and tucking away winter jackets, consider these 10 energy saving ideas that go hand-in-hand with spring and summer cleaning. 

  1. When cleaning windows, check to see if they are in good condition. Loose, leaky or single-paned windows allow heated or cooled air to escape, taking dollars with it. Repair existing windows or consider replacing them with ENERGY STAR-rated windows. 
  2. With the temperatures warming up, reset your thermostat to adjust to the spring warmth. For warmer months, higher temperature settings produce higher savings due to less electrical consumption from central fan and air conditioners. 
  3. When vacuuming and dusting, clean the condenser coils of your fridge as well so air can circulate. Dust build-up makes the motor work harder and uses more electricity. 
  4. Unplug old, inefficient freezers or fridges; today’s energy efficient applications use at least 50 per cent less energy than those made in 1990s. If a second fridge or freezer is necessary than keep it full. 
  5. Wipe and dust off your light bulbs, all of your lights combined in your home make up for about 20 per cent of your total electricity bill. Clean bulbs are brighter bulbs and dirty bulbs use the same amount of electricity.   
  6. When washing clothes and linen, go cold! It is as effective as using warm water and it will save you money. 
  7. Take advantage of the nice weather and consider hang drying your clothes rather than using the dryer. A clothes dryer can suck away at least 12 per cent of your electricity bill. That is like turning on half the lights in your home! 
  8. Springtime and gardening come hand in hand. This year, think about planting some trees or shrubs to shade your home. To be most effective, trees should be thoughtfully placed on the sunny side of your home. Shrubs can not only block sunlight but can act as a windbreaker to protect your house as well. 
  9. It is almost time to turn the air conditioner on. Clean out its filter and select the warmest comfortable setting on your programmable thermostat. A setting of at least 25˚C is recommended. 
  10. Once all that spring cleaning is done, celebrate by inviting friends and family for a backyard barbeque and share some energy saving spring cleaning ideas with them!  Just thinking differently about how you use energy can make the biggest difference of all.